Allsorts of Stuff

Keep Falling

Searching deep inside I come up with so many words

I could write something to charm any lady, I am sure

But the only things about me a woman wants

Its my timelord-esque nails and my feminine eyelashes


I can talk til the end of time but I’m useless with women, I stumble through my words in person

If I can’t ensnare you with my words, I’ll just keep on writing

Once you know if you don’t act, I’m lost until I change

I won’t rush change, I won’t rush

Time is much to precious to rush


Hurting on relating but still going strong

No I won’t hold on, I’m already letting go and when I fall

I’ll keep falling

If you won’t catch me

I’ll just keep falling

In eternal dreamland, with a slice of bliss



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