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Ok so following a strange finding on the internets, while searching with a friend for headphones I had to include this in my weekly blog segment. Here is a link to make all you slightly immature or just appreciative of silly comedy people laugh.


Funny right? Well lets move on, I have finally after 2 weeks of waiting since, 4th February, got my new headset. I must admit I’m not even that impressed, I had the PX21’s a much better headset even if it is slightly more expensive. I hate to say it but I was kind of disappointed even though they are super loud. I have on my PX21’s access to a chat expander button that allows me to make my chat volume always more than the game volume. It is invaluable, but on the P11’s there is no such option. I was told by a friend who uses them at mine regular that it was on there, I never thought to check for myself. How wrong I was! Still at £30 not a bad buy, they do the job and I now have two ears working not just the one. So if you want a headset cheaper than £50 go for the PX21’s not the P11s.

I didn’t catch the Elimination Chamber PPV, this last weekend, but I did watch RAW live for the first time in a while, I am deeply disappointed, I miss the old days of banter with guys like Edge, Mick Foley, Triple H and others. I know the Kane and Daniel Bryan thing is funny at times, but it just feels so dragged now, I guess they are on there way to a split which is sad as WWE struggles keeping tag teams together. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but I’m sick of Cena being at the top or thereabouts. I think CM Punk could use a break from the top also. but I’m content that it will have to wait until after WM due to the Rock, Cena and Punk angles going on. I get a lot of people saying in chat rooms, Dolph should cash it in, I think he will, but at Wrestlemania, he did say once upon a time that was when he would do it but I think the amount of times he has failed shows he is reconsidering and keeps people wondering, its a nice touch but if he cashes in before Wrestlemania I would be very surprised and in a way disappointed. Others think that he is going to miss out and try to cash it in on RAW. This would be funny and give someone high up in say management a good platform to feud with Dolph.

I want to now iterate, I think for the first time I big section on how excited I am for Sim City, well actually at times I feel more pissed off than excited. I played both BETA’s, however I did not get to encounter multi city play. This was due to the fact that I was out from around 8pm GMT Ravin with all the Riff Raff crew in Leeds for their birthday and probably last ever party, a great send off and a much needed stomp. So Sim City tells me, as I am finishing off getting ready, to access multi city play, do this, bla bla bla available in the beta this time round. I tried it and well I couldn’t get in to create a city, sad times. So even with the lack of this I went scouring the youtubes to find a video on it and I must say I would have loved to have had that opportunity. I will be looking for more sim city beta 2 videos up until release and hoping maxis show us strategy video 3 or something new at least. So yeah I’m stoked for Sim City, I just want the freedom to build without time limits, the ability to build whatever I want, sandbox mode is going to be sweet. I want to start a region with my friends, one on my own and hopefully open up a city for a public game, then see how I feel after that. I want to create a gambling city, I want to create an electronics city and I want to attempt to create something like the town I live in, or one I know.

So that being said, I hope we can include our own music in Sim City, for instance the classic music of the PSONE I just downloaded the other week!

Thanks for reading,



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