Allsorts of Stuff

Keep Pushing

You keep pushing, asking for more, not knowing that as I lay dormant quietly observing, I contemplate and grow as a person.

I see you expectations and drift away from them, knowing they are not right for me.

I am trapped however, to agree to partake in some of your demands, for I lack the self discipline to develop on my own.

I am spirited in mind and soul, with little action.

I feel the tight grip choking me from my life, leaving me with no options.

It is not your fault, it is the system, it is wrong to expect, when it cannot provide

I have bent to your will for so long and you have offered me little

I have chased my dreams, gaining step after step up the ladder

But you keep dragging me down back to graze on the lower rungs like a sheep.

I long to be free of your tyranny but I lack the focus drive, the determination, your system sucked it out of me

This is why we all falter, this is why we all suckle at the teat of desperation.

You made us this way, so don’t blame us


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