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Tangents on Tuesdays

So I’m getting into bed tonight, when I realise its Tuesday, Tangents on Tuesdays hasn’t been done yet, darn it, so here I sit ready for bed, pondering what to write this week, I’m selling tickets for an event in march called Remedy, its going to be my birthday rave and should be a good party, its in Leeds at The Beaverworks, a nice spot for a party, great crowd usually, so if anyone wants to come along they can buy tickets, from this link I got: 

If you want you can comment on my blog to confirm if you buy a ticket, but usually on the night you just need to confirm on the door and its all good!

So back to the blogging, as I scratch like a mad un, I think WWE is getting interesting right now, so yeah Jack Swagger is seemingly being given a golden pass to Wrestlemania, from out of nowhere, he wins the Elimination Chamber to get a shot, then he gets arrested for pot related stuff and is still in the running? Can I get a WHAT? The Rock vs John Cena 2 is on the horizon aswell, man this sucks. It goes without saying we don’t care who wins that one, we know its most likely going to be Cena, but who cares really, neither of them are worthy in my book. Cena has had it too often and too many have not been given more title shots. The Rock is a part timer, all be it a legend he needs to drop the belt as he is Hollywood man now. I’m getting the urge to play my own WWE13 universe mode now, darn it.

From WWE to films, I recently watched The Escapist and Road House. I must say Road House was more my sort of film, I liked the story and the action scenes. The Escapist had a good story but didn’t seem to tell it very well, the ending was good but it was a very confusing and annoying film. Sticking with films, seen as I am on the subject a film anyone who hasn’t checked out Green Mile, should, I chose this one right now because it is a prison related film like The Escapist but its style is much more to my liking.

Right think I should return to my bed now as its getting late, hopefully I won’t be long before am out!



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