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Dream to Emote

I woke up this morning, from an emotional dream, I think I have been keeping too many emotions inside lately, I was on the brink of tears when I woke, but as am sure most would be with the dream I had, I dreamt she wouldn’t let me see my little girl. I must have been so far ahead, for I do not have a little girl. It tore me apart, I woke up and I was on the brink of tears.

It made me think of you

Made me think of her

Made me think of what we had

What I had with her

How I now have neither

How alone I am right now

And how that little girl seems so far away


If that was a parallel universe, another me I experienced

If in that world my little girl was without her daddy

I am so glad in this world I made the choices I did

I wouldn’t want her to suffer

I wouldn’t want to be apart from her like that


I’m hurting even though it was a dream

I’m hurting because this life I lead seems so uneventful in comparison

So devoid of that joy I got that little bit closer to in that dream


Maybe it is karma that seemingly all is leaving me

When it that world I seemingly left her


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