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My SimCity Launch

Ok so the game is finally here, Sim City has arrived, or has it?

I am pleased to say that my initial launch was pretty smooth, straight downloaded, straight into game updated and tutorial city loaded up fine. First city started up fine and I played for around 3 hours I reckon judging by the time I checked to see if I should sleep was around 4am, ha! I was surprised, I had been watching the floods of server issues coming through on twitter, keeping my fingers crossed it wouldn’t happen to me and touch wood it didn’t.

However upon awaking and playing a short while again from around noon. I saw the dreaded connection lost icon. I then entered a mission to find out more about selling garbage to another city, I had started another city in Titan Gorge across the way so I figured why not. The mission hit an impasse around step 3, I could not use the other city as it had no connection to my current city, gutted. This wasn’t too bad though right? I can just go back into my own city and fix a few things, no such luck guys, I was stuck in this part of the mission, kind of sucks, so bug report sent to the team and response on twitter given – they are sending it on to the team for further investigation, sounds positive at least.

So yeah I’m waiting for some room on my server to play the region I already started as none of my friends have the money to buy it, but I won’t sit here and bitch about how bad EA are. Everyone knows how bad EA are, they have gone downhill for a long time. So cut to the chase, I am waiting for a server to become available that has my region on it, I’m puzzled as to why this was deemed an acceptable save method. My gaming experience is dependant on whether that server is full of people, my own saved game. I can start new games galore but really we all want to keep going with our first region til we get far don’t we?

I love the game though. It is a fine balance between intuitive simple design and the depth of simulation coupled with hardcore sim city experience. I will concede I have played Cities XL and it isn’t as fun as sim city, there are some things it does better, but in time sim city will surpass it I am sure. The cities will get bigger I feel, that is when people will flock to it. I fear somewhat with this poor server capacity if EA will be able to cope when that time comes. I am looking forward to the modding community getting in on this and hope for custom building sets, maybe more british housing, if that is already available please let me know.

I also want to comment on the beta testing. I was lucky to be part of both so I find it highly amusing and frustrating that EA had this and pre-order numbers and still failed to meet server demand. Upgrading the existing servers would be much preferred I feel as I would have access to my saved game, not a new game. Hopefully I can soon. So all in all a shaky launch, rated in my opinion at 5 at best, with the UK launch being the best maybe pushing a 7 to be fair. Much smoother, much better. Hoping gradually it gets smoother and stabilises come next week.

Rating for me 6.5/10



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