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Deeper Insight into WWE13 – laziness, improvements needed

Ok I keep coming back to this topic WWE 13 is a game I play a fair bit and I keep trying to delve deeper and give a much more constructive and in depth analysis of where WWE games go wrong. I forget often to write down key things when I’m playing or to make some notes and widen my knowledge. I follow a YouTuber known as TeemingTubbyEmu on facebook and he touched upon doing away with universe mode in favour of a my Career mode. I have responded a little already in the comments but  wanted to dig deeper into this. Potentially it is a can of worms I’m about to open, but I love WWE Universe mode, it is a long way off where I’d like it to be, but it is still fun to play. I will be repeating myself in this blog a little so you have been warned.

First of all the title pictures don’t work how I’d like it to be. In WWE you can unify/separate the belts, have no1 contenders matches, have challenges for MITB and Royal Rumble Winner matches. You cannot in WWE13, I’d like this control, setup your own number one contender matches and further more, due to the nature of the rankings system, you have to really push a superstar or team to get them in a number one contender slot or just have a special title match in order for this to happen if they are not within the rankings. For example if I want Road Dogg to challenge for the number one contendership of the US title, say Santino has been lingering in that no1 spot for too long and Christian has faced him way too many times, I have to push Road Dogg like mad, which might take months. Whereas they could just make a special match no1 contenders match, this way I can go right in and tweak this myself. more control, more fun. So lets balance that whole thing out here, random event to sit alongside this – a cutscene where the no1 contender is in the ring shouting his mouth off and it allows you to pick a superstar to come out and face him, if you beat him you win a shot at him for the no1 contendership. To give that scene some multiple choice, you could come out as the champion and beat him to knock him off the top spot. A similar approach to unifying and separating titles could work, along with more flexible options like one major title for all shows, three minor titles and one tag team title or any combination of the three and obviously womens titles included in that aswell, but as you might guess, when it comes to wrestling, I don’t discredit the divas but to me they rarely have enough exposure or draw, so I tend to simulate them, although fantasy matchups are good. For instance Lita or Trish or Steph against someone like Kharma or AJ, even the latter two mentioned would be interesting to play out, watch this space. I forgot to mention I would like to be able to stop people from going for any title, this is so that tag team competitors can be kept as such, midcarders won’t be stupidly good if they do really well, unless I want them to.

WWE games have in my eyes been lazy when it comes to commentary, you hear the same bits over and over and over again, it gets annoying and I know its not easy to keep it fresh so I won’t drone on but it would be nice to have a choice of which commentators to use, regardless of what show you are on. There are enough teams now, JR, Cole, King, Josh Matthews, Coach, JBL, Booker T, Joey Styles, Tazz, Regal, Vince, Shane all could be used, but some will not due to other commitments in wrestling I know. I’d love to know how they judge what to put in the game too, which brings me nicely on to movesets.

So yeah I have a very particular irk with WWE games lately, the main move I hate to see is the headbutt, when against the barricade, I have probably seen or might expect 4 guys in the whole roster to do this. However pretty much all the roster does it on WWE13. Why? Either that or throw someone into the crowd and salute the crowd, ok tweak that for heel/face I’d be happy with most doing that but really we need to bring back the old nutsack on the barricade, or head rammed into the barricade, or simply punching or stomp them down to the ground against it. It really doesn’t look or feel good when every guy, even ones who I don’t think I’ve seen do a headbutt once do it in WWE13, to me its laziness. If you need an extra 6 months or 12  months take them, we don’t need a new WWE game every year. roster updates btw would help this seem more manageable when it comes to angry fans missing their favourite superstars. Oh and there is another point I’d like to make.

The saved game file size for WWE13 is not capable of going on playstation plus, this is annoying, 3GB of data for the save it seems, everything from story mode, to universe mode, all your logos and downloaded content is stored in that one file, how daft. So if like earlier this year Big E Langston comes up from NXT or you watch NXT and see some young star looking worth using, you have the option of buying the WWE superstar officially from the store, for a nominal fee, this could also be set packs, for say WCW/ECW/NXT/Legends, so that we can have some incentive to buy more they are cheaper when bought in a pack, wrestlers slots can be determined by your own hard drive space not the allowed limit for WWE13 being 5 pages, which is ample in a way and am sure there is a valid reason for this limit, but still we always want more on our roster. I always dreamed of having every wrestler I know from WWE WCW ECW NXT TNA and others on one huge roster. I’d love that in a video game, pitting the likes of AJ Styles and Jay Lethal against CM Punk and Steve Austin. Its doable with the community creations and this is why I can stomach TNA guys being a little tardy looking in comparison but WWE games could make so much more money off officially creating all NXT WWE, Legends and Alumni sort of superstars and charging nominal fees individually and for packs or even a select number which you chose from any available yourself, could be a new revolution for WWE gaming.

Universe mode is a big thing for me now, I hope in the near future to be able to stream it and share my universe with the WWE universe on Youtube or Twitch. I just remembered aswell, that I’d quite like the option of interfering in a match mid flow or requesting interference from a stable mate when in game. If I am not wrestling a simple triangle option would sort this, if I am want interference just use the same as in the tag matches, R1 and d-pad far as I know. Injuries do seem very infrequent, but they still do happen so to stop them being too much, I wouldn’t do much with that. I do however think that cut scenes, are very thin on the ground, I am one who likes to do my own thing, mash things up a little, play as different guys often, it would be nice to have a way that I could view the cutscenes and forward them on take part in them but not the matches, controlling my own universe without having to get too deeply involved in the matches. The rankings system is a big thing for me POWER 25 is not the World Title rankings, these in my eyes are separate, so a Power 25 should log wins and momentum, not if they are close to a World Title shot. This way I can have Santino on a major push but he won’t get a world title shot, if you tie it in with the previous requests for ultimate control of the title picture!

Anyway, WWE13 was a good game, but always room for improvement, we know that THQ is gone, but Yukes will still be around for the forseeable future, its not a bad thing but Smackdown 1 and 2 still have something right for me, ratings for PPVs, ratings for matches, bring that back and look at the rest and we may have the ultimate wwe game. I may add more to this somepoint but this is the general critique for the game and series going forward.



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