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Tangents on Tuesdays – Sim City, WWEgames and more

Ok so I’ve had an  eventful few days, well sort of. I’m working on a more detailed feedback and comment type thing for wwe13 and wwe games going forward, so that is what lay ahead in the next few weeks. I have been playing my WWE universe and a few other PS3 titles, Test Drive Unlimited 2, Red Dead Redemption and a little Black Ops 2. I’ve helped a friend get past the first two licenses on TDU2, admittedly I’m even surprised he bought the game, its not really his thing if you ask me.

Mostly though my time has been taken up by playing Sim City. I have started a few games, I notice that the learning curve does get a lot steeper as you go up in density and in a way there are little obvious ways to fix the problems without conceding, partly in my opinion due to the small map size. I wish I could find a simple solution to all this, I’m not a fan of a game that challenges me too much. I am still t o encounter a game where I can hear people talking and chat in game. I have tested the streaming from within sim city and was told it was rather jumpy when I talked so I figure my net can’t handle it too well, but I will try again sometime soon I think.

So my eventful few days is mainly just a night that was a bit hectic, I went to a friends as I often do on a monday night, we watched Panic Room, seemingly a good thriller with a few names and I enjoyed it though it was a little annoying at times, shouting at them telling them the simplest easiest way to sort the problem out shall we say. So 2am I get my phone to set my alarrm and I notice I have a missed call, I have one new voicemail, it’s from the housing association. There is a leak going down into my neighbours kitchen. I must point out that at first I stood panicking telling my mate I had a voicemail and heard only that it was Graham from Housing and . . . . so I feared I’d been broken into, maybe I left the door unlocked and someone had noticed? I know I locked my door, still as I said before it turned out to be a leak or water related at least. I thought better get home, ordered a taxi, got back to find my sink overflowing. What? I was sure my tap had stopped dripping when I left, I even checked, waiting for it to stop before I left, I’d left the plug in to soak some pots, to finish washing later, no such luck, it was flooded.

I found out that morning once I had slept that it had not only gone to my neighbour below, but also to the neighbour below them, the woman who lives their is a friend through a previous water related repair when I first moved in. I was pretty annoyed with shall we say fate, or myself that I didn’t unplug the plug from the sink or at least double check the taps. I didn’t need this. So a bit of mopping, emptying cupboards and wiping down, seems the whole fiasco might be over fingers crossed. Housing might need to assess the damage and I’m hoping this won’t mean a cost for me, to be honest when I moved in the bathroom was in a terrible state,I have tried to deal with it best I can, but when their repair man came to help me he expected I should do it myself and that it was not his problem. So I figured they obviously hire lazy cowboys so I’ll just leave it. If I have to pay I’m tempted to use that as a counter claim, you make me pay damages, you get my bathroom sorted.

So I wanted an early night after that fiasco last night, but here I am writing it all down, because I realise when I finally get the place to myself, after my friends have left, I want some quality me time, to game or practice my violin, write my blog, read, allsorts, there is never enough time in the world, I now understand why nobody has time for anybody these days.



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