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Fifa13 late night season mode

Ok so I had a nap at the wrong time ended up waking up at 9pm sunday night, still not got to sleep again and its 4am, played a bit of Black Ops 2 with WiSE Britannia clan and friends, then switched on my fifa game. I’m Huddersfield Town think its my third season managing them, I am pushing to win the league and am in europa league. I have had a few shock defeats most notably this weekend I lost to Southampton, who are pushing for europe but not a threat to me usually. I did get a nice well fought 1 – 0 win vs Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, was intense defensively so have to thank my concentration on that one. I almost lost to Newcastle in the last match I played,  2- 2 final score, Demba Ba was in form and their defence just would not give. I deserved a point and am glad my star striker Nahki Wells, yes Bradford fans, I signed him and hes playing in the Premiership with me now. I am getting offers for him but if hes going, being the best striker in league, not by stats by the way, I’d not settle for less than £9M. So far Hoffenheim have been fended off, equally Alex Smithies the best keeper in league is getting a lot of interest, rejecting all advances flat if I’m honest, he is my rearguard, any keeper who comes in to my club is always going to struggle for games.

Headline for after Newcastle match (my idea that is . . .) : Well Well Wells, A point is a point : Nahki Wells grabs a late winner for Huddersfield

I think I made a mistake signing Joe Cole, hes too old, he tires easily and well moans a lot if not picked. I’m trying to bolster my midfield with players from youth squad so I can sell him, but I doubt he will fetch much. Bento Dano, my star Brazillian winger, has bagged a few more goals recently, coming on as a sub and playing regularly is helping thanks to Danny Ward’s injury. Wickham and Scannell have now both returned from broken bones of some sort and I hope that Caulker who suffered an injury vs Newcastle will not be out for long with this ankle problem. Still hearing someones St Patricks Day piss up going on thumping bass or kick sounding, too faint to bother me but I do wonder why anyone would still carry on as I know they don’t do drugs, so why would they have stuck it out sooooo long, haha, hope everyone had a wicked weekend.



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