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Sim City – Compensation from EA is a free game

Ok so before I dive in here and show EA up for what they are, I want to say. I myself have not had many problems with SimCity, its very buggy, but my launch was smoother than most and I was enjoying it. I feel however that EA have messed this series up with always online bullshit and this is why everyone deserves the compensation.

So Lucy Bradshaw offers up a compensation of a free game from EA’s portfolio and I want to break it down and see how even in a refund EA is all about greed and this is by no means a refund just pathetic attempt at keeping a mass market on side, without having to do what the mass market wants.

The list is apparently as follows:

BF3 Standard Edition

Bejeweled 3

Dead Space 3 Standard Edition

Mass Effect 3 Standard Edition

Medal of Honor Warfighter Standard Edition

Need For Speed Most Wanted Standard Edition

Plants vs Zombies

Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition


Now in my honest opinion the fact that Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition is on there shows they have heard we want the ultimate single player experience, so I don’t appreciate this in a way, also this game is £9.99 on steam, its never about money for me, but EA show it is for them by offering such a cheap game, I’m going to check the costs and compare them here, I will concede that at first glance I’m surprised that BF3, ME3 and DS3 are all on there, definitely good titles, but not on pc for me, I prefer a controller for these sorts of games and a PS3.

With Dead Space 3 at around £50 this seems to contradict my previous comment. Now I am a big fan of Dead Space games but I find I struggle so a free copy is tempting. I’ll move on Mass Effect 3 coming in at £14.99 is irrelevant to me as I have the game on PS3 already thanks to PS+, but  I just noted a lot of DLC content for both of these games and definitely for BF3 which shows they are hankering to spend more money if possible. They are a business after all. While BF3 does come in again at £25, I think the cheaper games seem to be in there due to the fan base liking these titles generally, maybe most already have these which if they do not wish to own any of the more expensive titles, EA will cut down their loss. Bejeweled 3 is in at £15, this is a very popular puzzler and again would be tempting for me without the fact that it is a free title on fb to dabble in anyway.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is not a game I’ve ever been interested in, its a title I can understand will have a mass interest from lots of gamers, but not me, at £25 it does warrant some consideration for those who have liked the look of it but haven’t purchased it. Another game I’d consider if it extends to console titles, is Need For Speed Most Wanted, I’m not a fan of NFS games generally but I liked this one when I played it at least. I’d love to get it for free on PS3 but likely this isn’t going to be an option. Plants vs Zombies is ok but again not something I’d buy so not something I’d grab for free against other options, especially with a standard £7 price tag.

So all in all I’m not impressed with the selection, I’d love to see some Sims3 titles on there, seen as that is one of EA’s biggest sellers. I am not a big fan of EA titles on PC so again the option to redeem for a ps3 title would be much appreciated time will tell. Does it extend to PS3/Xbox Titles?


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