Allsorts of Stuff

Still just a Psycho Ex

I opened the flood gates one last time to see if you were different

You’re silly games came flooding through text after text

Your no different, still the same little girl


I pride myself on giving chances, forgiving

I wish I knew why, you persist to be such a psycho

But all I can muster is, you still haven’t gotten over the hurt


With someone else, but trying to get to me

With someone else but still trying to play into my hand

Not sure if it is all genuine or just a ploy to be given the room to spite


I have one consolation to your psycho behaviour

I can write about it, share it with the world

Your psycho attitude can fuel my writing talents


Bring me emotions to light the pages on fire

Dance around you, where you have no control

In my mind, in my heart and on my pages


My psycho ex is still a little girl


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