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Tangents on Tuesdays – short one

So I have a few mini rants to share today, I have been away from my usual weekly rants simply due to my birthday, the weather and general not being bothered as much. Sorry if you missed me. I’m now back hopefully to my usual weekly schedule but I’m also thinking of learning some new skills with wordpress and taking my blog to the next level, you may find I move blogs or just link from this one to the other bits I get going. Where does this all come from you might ask? Well I have recently applied for a job as a junior web developer. I have learned a little CSS, a little HTML and can use photoshop and dreamweaver, I’m keen to find something slightly more creative than administration to look for work doing and my musical talents won’t support my life well enough on its own, even if I was earning money from it.

I’m working on learning what I need to create my own wordpress themes, build wordpress sites and hopefully pick up some HTML, PHP and javascript along the way. I know a little already CSS is something I looked at aswell and seems these are the key bread and butter elements of wordpress websites. Anyhoo I have a book, Genius Guide to WordPress Volume 1 from so we shall see how it goes.

In other Pixc related news, I have been raging on Black Ops 2 again thanks to the shitty servers and connections. I am still plodding on trying to get my other characters higher level on Borderlands 2 and the novelty of Sim City has I think officially worn off. I haven’t played in a while and at £65 I must admit even with Need For Speed: Most Wanted added in I feel kind of cheated. I still like the game, but well as many have told me, just download the game for free its often possible.

So I hope everyone is enjoying the crap weather in England, Snow is annoying. I’m out



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