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Tangents on Tuesdays – First successful farming and random stuff

Ok, so monday I ran a little farming routine on Hunter Hellquist, to basically get the Bee Shield. I had watched a video on youtube, which showed what to do, gave some outline on it. I had just re-specced to make my siren more solo and damage focused. I figured about 10 runs of this should do it, luckily it only took me four runs. Pretty pleased I now have a Bee Shield, 30k Amp damage i’m curious to know if its possible still to get a heavier amp damage, I tried to solo terramorphus but failed after two attempts and decided to leave it for now.

So besides this, my life isn’t going amazing, I feel a little frustrated with plenty of things right now. I’m disappointed with myself and trying to keep my chin up.

WE “the people” are tiring of the Tories. WE “the people” are in the mood for change. Just a combination of one frustration with the wwe gimmick of Jack Swagger. It comes after the knowing of the imminent bedroom tax / benefit cut, that shouldn’t really apply to me. 1/2 person is not 1 person therefore I am in a 1 bedroom property. A minimum bedroom size is not defined however if it is not defined then it is not legal to charge anyone in my eyes. Proper rules and regulations must be set out and agreed to in my eyes, but alas I will have to grin and bare it until they try take me to court or make me pay somehow.

Still I am plodding on and hoping that I can pick up the pace and my feet somewhat in the near future.


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