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Tangents on Tuesdays

So we are on tuesday again, I have been thinking lately about how to fix myself. If you might oblige a little self analysis I will explain. I am at times short fused, I can take things the wrong way sometimes or too harshly. I know this but I cannot and to some degree will not change it or try and master it. I am after all only human and I often see this as part of my emotions. I have dyspraxia, this I have researched may mean I am susceptible to stress, it is often a condition that has impact on the emotions and may mean I struggle to control mine. I am aware of it and that for me is the main thing. It irks me somewhat that I seem overly passionate at times, people discredit me or do not appreciate me because well they can’t handle the passion or the anger that sometimes flows from me. I have one friend who cannot understand the two situations which often wind me up, when I am gaming and when watching football and the referee sucks. They are I feel common areas where passion and anger meet exaggeration. In my case, a referee is constantly calling bad decisions and I will shout at the TV, get quite animated, often I boil over and need to leave the room if I want to calm down or do something else to distract my mind from this. To most this seems weird, strange but to me I am a little concerned that it is not just accepted as who I am, what I do. I find it bizzare that someone can sit and play a computer game with such a robotic unengaging expression on their face and keep like that even when they win or lose.


On another note, the idea of money has been floating around in my head recently. If money was an idea and thing created by human beings to encourage trade and can be created again by man, why is there such a thing as debt? Why are governments in debt, print more money and lessen the debt. We send money as a nation to africa to help lots of people out, I am proud that we do this, its good to help others, but my problem is this. We run ourselves into debt, we say we can’t afford x y and z because everything costs too much and things are not easy for us. So why do the rich ask the poor to give to Africa? Why don’t we look after our own country first? I wonder how we can go over to other countries war with them over peace and oil, but it increases the costs of living. Whatever reasons we are given are false, something is going on that we will never know until it is too late. I’m in a pickle myself, with the bedroom tax upon us,  electric bills rising, food costs rising, petrol prices probably still rising, costs of everything rising, benefits being cut, lack of a raise for those in work. We are doomed to hit poverty, I don’t think I could do a better job but surely someone must be able to? I’m just asking questions, simply put someone needs to, because I got lucky with where I am today and now I am hanging on by the skin of my teeth because something nobody agreed to is coming into force, if you ask me, we need another gunpowder plot, the tories may in my eyes be the best party for the job but only if someone else controls how much they cut, keeping them in check as they go along. So where is the Queen? Isn’t there a need now for our Queen to stand in and say, look the poor are getting poorer and you need to stop this, or does she not give a monkeys about her own poor just about africa and poverty ridden countries abroad, we will become like them if you leave it too late. Do something, we need you!



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