Allsorts of Stuff

Seeking Peace

A lone man on a journey to reach one goal

A direct correlation between freedom and happiness

Does it exist

Most human beings work for money to survive

Only the rich, would work to live

Those who need to work to live but earn more

While those who do not need to work would purely live

I would guess some who do not work might be happy

But not all


I often wonder if I would be better if I could work doing something I love

But when the free time comes, would I not yearn to be doing what I love again

The line between pleasure or leisure and work would blur causing confusion would it not?

I search onwards for a fine balance, but cannot reach it

For I am blocked, hindered by own mistakes

That are given more attention than my own talents

Given the full focus, taking away from my aspirations

I am a little perplexed at this lack of support society affords me

I seek only peace

For myself now, contentment with my own being



sometimes the need strikes me to write poetry or spoken word, this even may land on a day where my tangents are scheduled, I hope this extra snippet from my mind will emote for someone somewhere


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