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Stress folks, is a common problem in today’s world, I myself have been dealing with it I reckon for around 8 years, maybe longer actually. Of course it comes and goes, we fight and win battles, we suffer stints of lengthy stress or short bursts of it. I myself as some may have already live with Dyspraxia, it is possible that this adds to my susceptibility to stress and other such things. I am now facing David Cameron’s Bedroom Tax or Benefit Reduction policies, wondering how on earth this was allowed to come to pass. How they can look at the poorer in the economy and go, tough, you will just have scrimp and do your best. Sorry David but you live a life of comparable luxury and need to either live like me before you use us as a guinea pig so you can still have your lavish lifestyle. I am no saint, the media and the government breed the desires of an everyday human being, to want new things, to want to check out the latest films and games, they allow the prices to rise for food, living costs and even luxuries, because they themselves do not need to worry about the money it costs them, they have ample. They would ask that you give to charity events such as children in need, comic relief, knowing full well a lot of the money does not reach its intended cause, because some people need to be paid, taxes need to be taken from it. I do not think that the Conservatives, the Tories are the wrong people for this job, but they need to be monitored by someone with the opposite views, someone who can challenge them, keep them in check. Cutting the amount of taxes the rich pay but hiking up the costs the poor pay is not fair, the rich have more money to afford the higher taxes, we have nothing much to take, so why take more. It is filthy policies that keep us in debt, if the rich are not willing to help, but say they pump money into africa and the like, why should we at home suffer? If we cannot afford to give, why give, if we cannot look after our own why look after somebody elses? I would love to help out Africa, or anyone who needs it, but I look after myself first, everyone should. We should all help others but when we can.

Anyhoo am sat here, thinking how to divert away from governmental and money issues, but it is foremost in my mind, I am currently looking for ways to cope with the incoming debt I am bound to face. I have landed lucky until now, the government is taking that luck away from me, it is forcing me to struggle when I have worked hard on my money management skills to get to where I am today. I cannot afford to pay 29% council tax all of a sudden, because I’m in a 2 bedroom property, that was what I was offered, so I took it, change the law and I change my acceptance of it. I would have found work but for personal circumstances and inactivity on the change of certain policies, I am left searching for something that does not exist with the threat of eviction, the threat of homelessness everything, because, you did not think about your decisions.

My will weakens,

My spirit is breaking

My thoughts are filtering onto worldwide score

To show the world that there is little hope

The evil politicians are corrupting this country

Money is all that matters to anyone

My time on this planet was done

Soon as my innocence was lost

Because there is no life after innocence only

Slave labour, Money and what they call society


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