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Fifa 13 – Something New

Ok folks so I thought I’d try something new, I am managing Huddersfield Town on the game and figured I’d write a little about it but in the style of a press conference of sorts, where I am writing as if I’m talking to the manager and relaying that to you guys.

So tonight we are talking with Huddersfield Town manager Mr Pixc. We have been following Huddersfield with interest recently and noticed that you won your first major trophy this season beating Swansea in the Capital One Cup final. How was it finally getting that big win?

Pixc : Well it was a great experience for the lads, I knew we could pull it out of the bag, I just had to keep reminding them of that great victory over Man City in the semi’s, putting 8 goals over two legs past such a well established club is no mean feat. We would have liked to score more but what can I say I’m delighted with my first trophy since joining the elite in the premier league.

Now you are still capable it seems sir, of getting yet more silverware. The Euro League semi finals are coming up and having had a big all english tie against Everton, what do you think you’re chances are of lifting another cup this year?

Pixc: Well, we have as much chance as anyone, we are slightly disappointed we had to face an english side, we are glad to be through but its hard when four english teams made it to the quarter finals to see Everton go. I’m hoping we will meet Arsenal in the final not before as I think they are the only side left in it with us from england. I think we could push on and do the double, its definitely possible.

So given that the title race is in a precarious position now, with Chelsea and Manchester United’s last match bringing the red devils down a peg, do you see a sneak treble on the cards for Huddersfield this year?

Pixc : To be honest anything is possible, but I think if we are realistic, we would need a bit of luck and some stellar performances from the lads, I know they are capable but Chelsea and Man United are in form, regardless of the last match, I think its safe to say we will be in the Champions League next season and that is a big thing for us. We will have to wait and see about the treble only time will tell. It would be amazing for the lads, they have worked hard all season and deserve whatever comes their way

Well Mr Pixc, thank you for your time, we may be back with you come the end of the season to discuss things with you some more!


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