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Tangents on Tuesdays

Ok more tangents to tickle ya fancy. I played Far Cry 3 tonight and had been waiting for something to make me want to write this weeks tangents, this game looks epic, I am looking forward to playing more of it, I got chance to look at it as my mate brought it up, seriously considering getting it.

I have had some slightly good news today, I managed to get my AOL broadband for free for three months starting with may, then at a reduced price of £16.50. I also managed to get O2, to lower my mobile costs down by £5, yes I am getting less minutes by a hundred but my contract is up for renewal in september so I will get to upgrade or move to a cheaper deal, been a little disgruntled with the next to no data allowance and the lowering of my minutes. I would love to have on the go.

Frustrated yet again with WWE 13 last night, I had a match come up with Test and DDP vs Dolph and Animal, i’ll explain. Dolph is a big part of the Alliance, a face group, Animal is one half of the road warriors but they are heel and no 1 contenders for the wwe tag titles, which are currently held by The Corporation. Which is Test and Shane. I can understand the involvement of DDP and Animal and Dolph but not all in the same match. DDP helped Test in a previous show and while I think this is coincidence, why Animal and Dolph are teaming up is beyond me, especially seen as Sheamus, another member of The Alliance has been battling him in singles action over the last two weeks. DDP to join The Corporation would be my guess and you could argue that a lack of teamwork from Animal and Dolph under the seemingly common enemy, due to the heel and face contrast would make for an interesting story but why not have Sheamus or Owen Hart team with Dolph or have DDP team with Dolph and screw Dolph out of the match to show his allegiance to The Corporation. Sometimes the game does seem to show a lack of effort and intelligent thought, or maybe its their interpretation of the fan base they work with. Wise up 2k, you can improve on this.



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