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Tangents on Tuesdays

Hey guys, I’m back for another tangents on tuesdays, well to be honest I don’t feel like doing something majorly tangenty, in a way it is just a whole different kind of tangent, more of a sad, lonely riff as I’m hitting a low right now. I  have had some good times recently, but well I think I’m noticing things about myself that I wish weren’t true. I can’t seem to do whats right for me, I put others first far too much. I am just sat here at 1am, having finally got the opportunity to wind down, have my bath and sleep, I’m still jumping on my pc to make this quick post, but to cut a long story short here goes . . .

I have a good friend, he is annoying most of the time, but we have been through a lot and we have some common interests, but I go see him sometimes on a monday night, curry and a film, maybe some gaming, then most times he comes to mine the morning after. I notice this pattern, I’m not a big fan of it, I like going other but whether it is me being bitter, or I’m getting fed up of him, but I don’t want to go over that much anymore, I enjoy it when I’m there if we do watch a film or play a game and the curry is always good, but well I’m a very different person and it grinds on me that I struggle to accept some of his traits. Repeating himself, taking a loooong time to do things, like he is stoned, but I know hes not because he is totally anti drugs. Regardless, I spend a lot of my time gaming, today he comes and spends near enough 10 hours surfing a dating site and listening to music on my PC, I don’t mind someone using my pc, but seriously that long on surfing a dating site and maybe saying hello to the odd woman on there, is it just me, or is that really odd?

So I’m now blogging here wondering if I can make it up in time for my dentist appointment, its not super early or anything but I kinda had the idea of going to bed by 1am and have still to bath, I won’t be asleep until after 2am for sure. I thought earlier I’d hint I wanted to sleep, but well the slow and steady nature of this person means even with subtle hints, he won’t twig, he is disabled so I expect its partly to do with that but I mean I’m not one for being so blunt with stuff like this unless I’m past pissed off, then I just shout and well its not nice I guess. Well other than that Fifa 13 is going well, won 4 trophies this season, EuroLeague, Premier League, FA and League Cups, next season started and I won the community shield so all in all on top right now!

We all have points where we wish we might have turned a different direction, I know I’m learning a lot with my life and the choices I have made, things could have been a lot worse, but it would be nice to find a significant turning point in my life soon. Every once in a while I get a wave of what I call “Shithole Syndrome” where I feel I need to get out of my home town. I like it here but I think sometimes I feel so stale and pointless.



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