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WWE 13 – my universe

So once again I dip into my universe of WWE 13. The Alliance was unable to capture the wcw title from Wade Barrett this last PPV as he retained in a championship scramble match. Kurt Angle successfully defended against Mr MITB Shawn Michaels, thanks to some seriously sucky wrestling from myself. I want to tell you its been interesting watching the Intercontinental Title picture lately, Del Rio has joined the fray, but its Cody Rhodes who is dominating with Antonio Cesaro and Ted DiBiase his rivals, Kane is in for a rough ride am sure but has managed to retain thus far.

The Shield is just outside the WWE Title picture with Dean Ambrose the closest, he suffered a loss on heat to R-Truth and another fatal four way loss to The Undertaker with Billy Gunn taking the pinfall loss and Rikishi suffering too. I am trying to build Undertaker but made an error and had to watch him win instead of playing as him. Goldust is once again in the WWE title picture pipping Ambrose to the last spot but I am hoping to eliminate both from such high standings over the coming month.

With Gangrel holding strong on RAW, even against Paul Wight and Scott Steiner, the question seems to be, can Y2J save us? Jericho is hot on the heels of Santino and Steiner, in the race to win the belts. A quick note though Santino seems to always be in with a chance these days, its getting old.

So I neglected ECW recently on account that I’d like in future WWE games, to be able to set ECW to automatically run only no dq type matches, make it true to the old ECW I guess. The Rock (98 version) is my ECW champ with Brodus Clay as my Hardcore champ. I’m looking to drop Brodus and maybe have him switch shows soon. I’d like to see one of my many ECW caws I downloaded get the shot or have Sandow come back to ECW for it.  Chris Jericho (modern day) is heading for another clash with The Rock on that show too.

So back to Smackdown. The Alliance is strong but not quite strong enough, WCW title eludes them and they are closing in on the tag team titles aswell. Sheamus and Owen Hart need to push The Corporation, The Road Warriors and The New Age Outlaws out of the way first but a win is all they need to prove themselves worthy. Jeff Jarrett and Mark Henry, aligned to fight them and now we have new blood on the tag team roster, Mark Henry could give them the upper hand in most matches, still haven’t managed to get Kane & X-Pac to ally yet. Dean Ambrose shook hands with R Truth incidentally after he lost, is he leaving the shield? or is R Truth joining them?

So thats about it guys, lets hope for some more interesting goings on soon.


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