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Ok I was thinking what to write, not really sure what, but I wanted to write something down, been under a bit of stress lately, got some things going on and its going to be a month or two before I can realistically say things will calm down. Blasting out the reggae as I limber up for some cleaning of ze flat.

I notice more and more each day, so many things I should be doing, but never pluck up for want of a better phrase the arsity, I’m always chasing that happiness, always wanting to be doing something fun or enjoyable. I have a remix to work on but as it is not just for fun I seem to be avoiding it a little. Today I hope to make a least some productive effort towards a few things. Tidying, Remixing and getting a little organised. Lets hope I can for once carry this through a little more than a few minutes haha.

Anyway, on a side note, if you want to check out my music, i’d appreciate the love . . .


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