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Mutated Fan Fiction Idea

I have been toying with the idea of writing some fan fiction, I’m into a few things that I could do fan fiction around, but I’d been leaning more towards a fan fiction mutation between Borderlands and Dr Who, I am a big fan of both the Borderlands game series and the Dr Who TV series. I can imagine a scene where The Dr arrives on Pandora and is thrust into an adventure with one or more vault hunters, hell it could even be against Handsome Jack. I figured a siren like Maya and a Gunzerker like Salvador would be a great combination with the doctor, as many fans will know for a long time the doctor did not like guns, his wife aka River Song was very fond of them and she joked around with him about it. Then maya phaselocking enemies, doing her crowd control, another moment for the doctor to use his “you’re brilliant” moments.  Facing all knew creatures for The Dr, in Crystalisks, Skags and Spiderants, I can picture him running away from these and Maya and Salvador rescuing him from them even possible all six vault hunters as a team, maybe even with Lilith Mordecai and Brick in tow.

Who knows what would await the team on Pandora or beyond. The TARDIS as a vault hunting spaceship.

More soon I think


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