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In from a night out

Had to post something, as I just got in from an epic night out had some food, been sat listening to some tunes, figured I might aswell share something. I got searched tonight in my local nightclub, it was funny as fuck, because first of all I quit taking drugs of any kind years ago, then my mate works on the bar and she comes screaming at the bouncer he don’t even drink hardly, I’m thinking well then just let them search me, I just got an empty packet of crisps, my wallet, keys, phone and an old bus ticket. I was still shaking though, think it was adrenaline and nerves. Have a right barmy in the taxi home, We doubled up with a taxi going past our way and he was charging us both full fare and well in my opinion it should be a bit cheaper for everyone, you are saving the firm a car, petrol and a lot of time. Such wankers taxi firms are if you ask me.

So yeah here I am the dreadful wind down once you get home when all the pissheads you been out with crash like lead on the sofa and you’re left listening to the tunes on your own. Hence the blog post, a little affection and someone to share this with, would be so appreciated right now. Alas shortly I will trudge to bed to sleep, knowing I’ll wake later than I want or have a lack of sleep and feel shitty. I wish human beings didn’t need sleep, or I had the ability to stop time, now that would be awesome!



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