Allsorts of Stuff

Broken Dreams

I don’t live for me, I live for everyone else

I waste my time trying to reach expectations

I try to please and be considerate

I dare to learn so that those I bring into this world will not make the same mistakes


All around me, I see broken dreams

People failing to achieve

Society, it does not feed, it bleeds the world dry


I don’t know who these people are anymore

They are no longer human

They control our planet

To meet their own greedy demands


I do not believe they should be allowed to do this

With any vote cast by my own hands

I did not vote for war

I did not vote for war to reach peace

I voted for them to rescue the human race


They did not do this, they made us worse

They gave us nothing, but took our purse

We get poorer, while they get richer still

I watch on

As I, myself and all my friends get ill


They struggle in debt and in greed

They turn to drugs or the weed they feel they need

I was just like them, I just want peace

Or for everyone to get along at least


This is my call to all colours and creeds

I just wish for no more Broken Dreams



I think if GOD or JESUS were alive and with anyone today, he would share this sentiment, no matter whether he be of any religion, if he was worth worshipping, he would wish for this. I am not a religious man, but I am a good person, forgive my vulgar language about to write. fuck war, fuck racism, fuck fear mongering, fuck governments, fuck it all, religion doesn’t need to exist, we all believe in the same principles, be a good person, do not hate, just stop the divide, come together one and all, hunt down the minority, the rich who think they have the right to control anyone, hell I am a fan of DOCTOR WHO, let us call for our own saviour fiction or non-fiction, let us bring about a revolution, we deserve to be happy every single human being, not just the elite who have screwed this planet for far too long, believe in The Shield if you must, call for The Doctor, dream of a better day. We deserve better than this!


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