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Tangents on Tuesdays

So with my stress seemingly peaking this last few weeks, I’m at a loss to whether I can be bothered carrying on with this regular posting, I am also having to move my curry night to tuesday nights to fit in with the local takeaway I use because them being open on a monday is not financially viable it seems. It might be that we were the only customers on a monday.

That being said I will always blog when I feel the need or desire to, I might even just post it earlier or later and carry it on regardless, for a lot of my readers it is posted later or earlier anyway.

I’m doing a lot of gaming still, its not something I’m entirely proud of. I only feel like I’m scratching the surface to what gaming or games I actually want to do so to speak. I am having some PC trouble and so a lot of my pc gaming is on hold, I have been playing a few facebook games, when I’m not in the mood for say a session on Fifa13, Borderlands 2 or Black Ops 2. I wanted to share the facebook games I have touched on recently as they are a little addictive and fun.

First of all the big craze is Candy Crush, everyone seems to be big on it, now I am liking it, but I’m not too big on it, I dabbled in some other similar games recently and found two that I prefer. the first is very similar, Farm Heroes, it is the same essential concept of candy crush, swapping tiles to make numbers but with these plus points that help you collect more of that gem, then every so many levels you fight a boss, collecting particular tile types to beat him, I’m currently stuck on level 33 as I wasted my beans that you earn when you complete levels. The other is Papa Pear, it is sort of like a pinball type game where you destroy things on the map to earn points and then get the balls into buckets to light them up, levels vary, sometimes you have other tasks, sometimes the buckets are already lit. I find this easier usually, but it can be a challenge, seems very rewarding once you get past, not as popular with my friends it seems but we shall see. Check them out if you’re into facebook games.

So on the console gaming front, I’m still very much hooked on Borderlands 2, I just find it a little tedious on my own now, I can’t be bothered playing stuff I’ve already done for long and I can’t seem to get a few friends together for an ultimate vault hunter playthrough. I have some good gear but it doesn’t help me much against major bosses or if I go into UVHM. I’m also playing a bit of Fifa, I am jumping between my player career and my manager career, I’m with England on both games now, managing Huddersfield on one save and playing on loan for Barnsley in the other from Aston Villa. I just knocked Aston Villa out of the cup too which was funny. Time is against me it seems, I always want to game more, even now its what nearly 2am and although I am in bed heading for sleep, my mind is hankering to go back on Fifa and get further, or have a quick blast on WWE 13, gaming is an addiction for me, I’m aware of it but its also a fun part of my life, it keeps me going, life sucks a lot of the time and its an escape that I run to, a safer escape than doing ecstasy or lsd.

So yeah take care people, I am off to Delnoch before I sleep, the Nadir are waiting!! Long live the LEGEND, R.I.P David Gemmell you absolute LEGEND!


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