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Bang on the Head . . .

Ok so a while ago, I discovered an article that seemed to say that a bang on the head can lead to strange behaviour in life. Most notably it mentioned drug taking. Well I have an interesting story to tell that relates and well you can decide for yourself if you agree with the article in regards to me.

In 2005 I was involved in a road accident, I was on the island in the middle of a busy road, waiting to cross, as I remember it, I saw no traffic and crossed, next thing I know I’m waking up in hospital having been knocked down at the side of the road. I was told, that it was rammed with traffic, full in the outside lane and empty in the inside lane. A car/van let me cross, but someone came speeding down that inside lane, think it was a white van and knocked me down as I reached the path. I was told I was pretty much on the path when I was hit. This has always puzzled me.

While I was between that and waking up, I had a dream, I was in a field with someone close to me from my past, floating in a field, it was a pretty nice dream, I’m not sure what it meant.

Now before I get to my point, I have to mention, I have always been against smoking, due to my grandma, nanna, grandad and dad all smoking and well it doesn’t sound good on a night, also for me as young lad it stunk, hurt my eyes and well as you get older you realise it affects your health too. Also never was much of a drinker and was never interested in smoking weed or doing drugs.

So yeah I since have smoked weed, the first step on this path. I then took pills. After this I think speed and probably LSD followed, then more pills and pure powdered ecstasy, i took coke, all of this over a few years, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but I often wondered how and why a young man so against all these things could suddenly think, hmm what the heck, I’ll give it a go. I have learned a lot taking all these narcotics, I’ve done some serious damage to myself mentally and physically, but I don’t regret it.

I now only drink occasionally, never smoke and don’t dabble in any other drugs. I don’t feel as happy but I don’t want to use them to feel happy. I could be straight edge if I wanted but I do like the taste of some alcoholic drinks and its a social thing at times I guess.

I’d love to help people understand drugs better, not dislike them, or like them but this article really opened my eyes and made me think, maybe I was meant to take drugs, maybe it happened for a reason and maybe it was planned for me.


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