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Lil tribute to Ross Noble

Stick some gum under someone’s table, fire banana peels at gorillas, drive a golf cart through a swimming pool, throw a TV in through a window, bite some water and all those other crazy things, or failing that just watch some Ross Noble!

Ross is one of my all time favourite comedians, being from up Newcastle way, he is a northerner, same as me, he is off the wall, he will not shy away from the fact he wasn’t amazing at school, but he is still a genius to most of his fans and brings people to their knees in laughter on many occasions. I myself have all his DVD’s far as I know. I love to go back and see how much I remember months later, or just sit there enjoying the one I watch while I wait for my favourite sketch. He will cross the line and that is the best bit, if he tells too much or goes too far, I just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I am yet to see him live, it is something I was hoping to do this year,I’m determined to get tickets the next time they become available. He was in a film recently too, Stitches, so if you haven’t seen that check him out.

Anyway, raise a glass, or a hand or whatever,

To Ross!


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