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Tangents on Tuesdays

So I’m sat here for the first time in ages Tuesday morning, usually I am away at a friends Monday nights, so yeah getting to tune in to Late Night Lurking with Gunda G, only Gunda is not well this week so Darkman is filling in, doing a stellar job with some wicked tunes. Gunda is live on every tuesday around 11.30am GMT I think, so I thought I’d revel the world with my blogging presence as I am kind of waiting to go shopping for some bits.

So am pretty stressed but nothing new there, I am looking for work and finding a lot of invisible barriers for myself, so I’m trying to plan a way out of this situation. Spec letter drafted for applying to do sound design or make myself available for games design in the video games industry. Kind of getting a bit annoyed that I have to either do spec letters galore or apply for lots of jobs I know I won’t have a chance at getting, yes I know you never know but thats not actually the case is it, if we are honest. I know there is a lot of competition, I know I’m not very good at selling myself against competition. I haven’t got the experience, I’m limited in skill compared to a lot of competition, I’m a realist, I need to improve myself or get a placement or some form of work trial, to get me started, the job centre do not care or notice this situation, they just want me to apply for anything and get off their statistics, point taken.

Anyway something more cheery, I am testing Absynth out, its a VST from Native Instruments, meant to be good for soundscapes, as I’m starting to want to lean into that area a little more, I’m hoping I can find some use for it. I’m feeling the power so far, but I can’t say I’m finding it easy to use. I find the presets fairly good though. I really like some of them, think there is a lot of scope to just tweak things, maybe with some guidance from tutorials I could grasps this synth. One thing I don’t like, you can’t seem to get Absynth on its own, just it seems with KOMPLETE, I suppose having the complete collection might be a great addition to anyone’s studio but the price means I ain’t interested.

But all in all folks, things are not too bad, just gotta keep plodding on yeah!


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