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Rant Needed

Ok, so I’ll openly admit I’m not perfect I made some mistakes, I do fuck all a lot of the time and my life is in a stagnant mess right now, that does not mean I deserve to take shit from people, nor does it mean that when I try and help people should rip on me, clearly forgetting that when they get wasted, I am the one who is there to chill them out and offer them somewhere to crash. I am not here for your benefit, if you want to get wasted, get wasted but if you can’t handle it and not be a dick when you are then jog on! I don’t deserve people who do not act like they want to be a part of my life, if you don’t care, get the fuck out! If you would say that me staying in my flat making tunes, chatting to people online and gaming, is any different in reality from you sitting in a room full of people smoking weed, sitting on your phone playing games, then am sorry but you are barking up the wrong tree. I have many friends who for want of a better phrase, shit out of their mouth. I want to do this, oh fucking bollocks, years later and still no you haven’t. I give a shit, I’ll see you soon, weeks later not a peep, not even a reply to a message, when I feel shit, if its not major, I’m not practically dying or tearing my hair out, you don’t wanna know well thank fucking you! I am a good person, I gone through life being nice, even when I was mistaken, so ya know what I don’t need your shit!

Sincerely Pixc

To all my readers thanks for all your support!


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