Allsorts of Stuff

A slight twinge, like a rustling in a bush, reminds me of the ease at which I can be won over

I think the free and ready attitude, relaxed, sort of confident manner just grabs me

Yet a sweeping doubt will always creep over my mind with this one

I battle with the emotions on a regular basis


Now with more of a shield around me, her arms, her touch, her kiss

Can keep me stronger in this battle, resisting temptation to make the same mistakes again

When you have made such an impact on someone, it is hard to not want to repeat it again

Even if it would only benefit the other party in the end


A mistrust awakens at the most inopportune time, the heat softens the resolve

only the past can keep me holding to the present and looking towards my future

If I dwell, I will want to linger, recreate the moments lost to the past


The past knows to keep what I once held dear locked away

Hidden so I may never make the same mistakes again


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