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Been a while – sort of tangents

Hey guys, its been a while since I blogged, have been feeling a bit low and not known what to say, but figured while I am waiting for tonight to kick off, I’d share some of my thoughts of late, what’s been going on etc.

So my happiest and most interesting thoughts have been with Borderlands 2, the last season pass campaign DLC was released this week, although Sony failed to get it online for me until around 11pm on release day, shocking service, hope it improves with next gen. I have been really enjoying playing through this last day or so. I will probably do a proper run down on a vlog in the near future.

Speaking of my video stuff. I need to get my first lets play uploaded, but I can’t get the software sorted on my pc, windows 8 seems to block the ones I got hold of. I know they are pushing their anti piracy bullshit, but I bought their software so can’t they just bog off. I also buy my software, when I can afford and when I am making money out of it, hence if I got successful with youtube videos, I would save up and buy the software, as I’m just using it for fun, I don’t like shelling out hundreds for it. I’d much appreciate if anyone has any knowledge to share or any free video editing software, where I can add my own music and intro videos to it, you know like have a title screen.

I am looking into buying Last of Us in the  near future, also BioShock Infinite, but can only get one. I was wanting Last of Us more as it will last me longer and probably keep me entertained more. I’m thinking of the multiplayer aspect there of course. I watched Shidosha on twitch as he fumbled through a few games online and then managed to win some matches with good strategy, definitely a different online experience, not your standard respawn frenzy. I prefer that style but I’d give Last of Us a go for a while am sure.

Spending some time listening to music on last fm recently, must admit I can often appreciate hearing new songs on there because it has a fairly good intelligent system behind it. I do still skip tunes, but often its because I want a particular genre that day or the odd track that I don’t like at the moment filters through. It can also be fun to stick on when my friend is round and see if he can name the artists. Keep diving into Ableton to try get some new music out there, but I get bogged down making loops and never seem to finish a nice flowing track. Did have one bit of serendipity making my intro sounds for my future lets play and it ended up me making some new music, but its not finished yet.

There seems always for me to be a huge high, followed by a deep low, then the rise sees more of the same with lows getting less deep and the highs getting less high. sort of levelling out I guess, probably a normal pattern but sometimes its not a nice way to be. Better than being constantly numb though. Thanks for reading guys


2 responses

  1. Keep going with the music making. Don’t let “life” get in the way of your art!

    July 1, 2013 at 1:46 am

    • djpixc

      much appreciated, i’ll try not to 🙂

      July 1, 2013 at 12:45 pm

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