Allsorts of Stuff

Faded Smile

Long ago a smile would flood my face, at the sight of you, the smell, the taste or just the knowledge of you

That smile is faded now, just a little

You changed that night, you built a new wall, when we were so close to tearing them all down

Or was it me?

I never stop thinking about you, each day a new thought of you springs to mind


I know its not healthy but they say all the stuff you like isn’t. food I mean

So if that is the case, you must be a really huge piece of chocolate cake

Cos the love I have for you is pretty huge


Even if it isn’t ever to be returned, I keep hanging on to a slither of hope that you liked me before

It was obvious, so why not again?

I’m in no rush, I think you want me to get out there

Find someone better, but its not about better or worse, its about never letting go, always being there

Maybe this is too personal in some ways for me to lay all my cards on the table, but one day


That flooded smile will fade back in, louder than ever


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