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End of an Era – where to now?

So I have been hovering at the end of an era for a while, I’m a little lost as to where I am in my life, who to trust, even who truly cares, I don’t want to bore or depress people, yet right now I feel like I probably could, Its not all doom and gloom, I’m excited too, fresh new challenges may await me soon, priorities are a little fucked up and my mind doesn’t seem to want to allow me to change them.  I thought a lot on my walk home from town tonight, wanted to say something to someone but I know its pointless so I figured I’ll write it on here.


I’m a fool no more, take the piss you’re gone

This is how I want it to be now

But I know this ain’t gonna happen, I don’t work like that

Pretty soon all will be forgiven


You have to go so over the top for me to never regret, telling you to take a hike

and purposefully forget, but I’m a softie at heart and this I know it burns me next


People try to keep me to being who I am, with a big heart, a lot of time for everyone

They say don’t cut your ties with them, deep down you know that they care

But they care when it suits them, I care unconditionally, I expect the same back


I’m not saying I don’t appreciate your words

But you clearly are trying to help, caring as you are, you are not one of those, the worst

So don’t think that I would not rather agree, but its not that simple really


I time and time pick up the pieces, make the effort to sew things up

I don’t take the piss myself, so why should anyone do that to me

You say you understand where I shoot from, but yet you try to make me see things from a different angle

I’m pretty level headed, the game always changes but the rules always stay the same

Treat people how you would like to be treat and roughly don’t be a dick


So I rest my case


No heads need to be banged together, no mediation required

Just for all parties included to stop being fucking liars!


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