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Life, right now

So a little update on goings on in my life right now, or some reflection of sorts from myself I guess. I may have mentioned before I am an avid gamer, I suck at it, but I just enjoy it and finally got my Borderlands 2 Platinum trophy earlier, thanks have to go out to a few friends from a gaming clan I met some awesome people from as I needed their help on a few of the trophies! They know who they are. I have also this last two nights spent my time going through Last Of Us, I am loving it, the story is epic, the gameplay sweet, the emotion is gripping. I am however a little concerned that I managed to fatally stab an enemy but they didn’t die, the logic of damage, death and such is very inconsistent and upon being told my shiv’s were more powerful, the enemies required two instead of one. pointless much.

I’m writing this partly in guilt for staying awake so long playing this game, but to show my support for it too, I got a little stuck before I had to switch it off and let my mate take it with him, so I went in search of guidance from youtube and google, found some good pointers and a walkthrough to watch, though it seemed to take forever to get there. I must admit I am hoping that I have not spoiled the ending by seeing some later footage of the game also. I am eager to see it through to the end, if not while my mate is allowing me, when it becomes a lot cheaper.

So the guilt yes, I fear I may have a slight problem, I do not see any way out of it either, gaming is becoming my life, I am not ashamed of this. I enjoy it, I am just a little concerned that I have no way of seeing a future without gaming, when your future holds very few options and difficult paths with no easy direction with obvious gains, it seems only natural for me to find something more appealing, something more interesting or fun. If you try to do something worthwhile and get nothing, why not enjoy yourself.

Sticking with the theme of being generally fucked in the ass by society and its wrongness, I recently gave pizza hut the chance to have some of my money, big mistake, they offered me a 2 for 1 pizza deal, if i added a side I’d have it delivered free, so I did, the pizza’s though medium were in fact 11″ by my reckoning, not really medium, standard size is 12″ you plebs! at £14 for a pizza, normally without the offer that is, by my standards the most expensive slab of bland pizza ever, the staff didn’t have a clue how to relay instructions to a clearly champion delivery driver, I would love to know how that place earns enough money to stay afloat, the potato wedges were at best on par with microwaved frozen offerings I can make myself at home, the packaging probably is all that is acceptable for such an expensive small meal. All in all regret bothering, could have got 3 times as much food for same price from my local “proper” takeaway and it would taste better and have more topping on it.

I’ll leave it there for now


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