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More on Obsessive personality

I’m an honest guy,  you have to blunt with me, I often wonder, overthink and analyse. I sit here after an amazing weekend, with friends, knowing my deepest feelings were sorely tested, I went from being absolutely certain I knew who I wanted, to lost in a sea of beautiful, inspirational characters, refreshing as it was, when you return back home, sit at your desk and find yourself thinking solely is there a way I can’t make this a reality, my support network down here keeps me going, but does it also keep me grounded and low? I am frozen somewhat with fear, I want her, or her to take all this out of my hands and chill me out. I don’t like it when I’m lost in a daze, yeah its sometimes nice when that brick sinking feeling inside lets you know shes tickled you, but when you can’t share it with her and return the favour it is somewhat demoralising, an unreal world, fantasy, story seems so much more worth my time when I can enjoy it without worry. still reality can be too good to be true sometimes. Something lacking stil holds me down, an alarm bell rings and like a dick I push the button and the blunt, cheeky comment is silenced and everything is simple and plain again, see if my heart changes come next year, if not it may be time to show my hand, this tongue may need to lead the way.


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