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Spammers wandering minds

Well I had to chuckle at the spam comments I got for my shaving entry recently, NFL was the topic along with Abortion, something about an NFL player being substituted or going off injured and comments on jerseys and the word abortion was in there too. It made me think weirdly enough about my own experiences, a little anyway. I have had to be a part of that decision to abort a baby, I still wonder what it would have been like had that child been brought into the world when the decision was made. I am of the pro choice stance, do not believe that religious groups that do not support contraception and/or do not offer abortions in certain circumstances are thinking straight. My situation was in a rocky relationship, not employed, had been through a lot of drug taking and dealing with shall we say cleaning myself up, not that I was into serious drug abuse of sorts, basically I know I made the right choice to put that forward as my half of the coin so to speak, I wasn’t ready and if that was my only chance, I dare say I shall hopefully have to prove the world wrong one day. 

Anyway enough of spam induced reminiscing, Inspiration struck me tonight, not to write but to compose or fiddle with sound, I made a digeridoo sub bass sound and got to work on something slow and evolving, its sounding alright, I’m no boaster and I’ve tried to EQ it well. I know where I sometimes trip up and that I find that difficult so I am trying to mask those areas of my production while I improve on them. 

Then yes as you can tell fingers itched to type, blog to the world that the AI for Taxis on GTA 5 is shockingly bad and I hope that there will be a fix soon. Seriously some of the journeys I have had! I am also looking forward to see the WWE2k14 live stream around 7pm GMT I think it is on. Universe mode details that may make me pre-order, it seems someone may be listening to me and dragging me back into the wwe games universe again, as only friday night was I complaining that I’m skint and unless I see information on Universe mode I won’t even consider getting WWE2k14, I’m pretty bummed about the American Badass seeming to be a special edition only character, as I’d like that version, its been too long since biker taker was around.

Fingers crossed, I want all the roster as usual if i get it so here’s hoping they sell it to me come 7pm GMT 🙂


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