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Latest EWR plans

For those of you who don’t know already, am a huge wrestling fan, I have been since around 1999, I’m less into the WWE stuff now, I keep tabs on it but I much prefer playing games, like EWR. This is a wrestling simulator, where I control the WWE, you can control other promotions if you want but I picked the WWE for my current game. I’m booking the shows, setting the feuds and sponsors etc, I’ve been playing my current game a while, think I started around august in game time and I am now in february. I must say the stats for some wrestlers can be really off, so its handy to have my arsenic editor handy. This is a tool that allows me to keep morale up, tweak the stats of my superstars and it can come in very handy when the game decides a superstar is going to be a bitch and you can’t seem to fix it.

I just thought I’d share a little about my current world, whats going on in Pixc’s WWE Universe so to speak. Well my first point would be the developmental superstars coming through, I have a whole lot of talent coming in that is going to be tough to beat, Scoot Andrews, Mike Sullivan and Jonny C to name three big favourites of mine. I just recently had Nick Dinsmore more commonly known as Eugene, come up to the full roster, let me tell you his stats are insanely good, makes one wonder how WWE didn’t use him more in the real world. So I reckon within a year he will be right up there in the main event for sure.

Then I suppose I oughta mention where most peoples favourite superstars are, CM Punk is just pushing towards main event, he would have some gold but my current champions don’t work well with him yet and I feel he needs one more feud to push him into contention. Probably going to be against either Chris Benoit or Hurricane. John Cena, well he is my new World Heavyweight champion on RAW, he is heading for a short reign however as Kane won the rumble and Cena is not the biggest face so I need to make a change at Wrestlemania, not enough time to feud him with  Rhyno who would have been an ideal test before he drops the belt to Kane. The Game, Triple H was the man Cena defeated to capture the belt, with his Evolution stable disbanding there was nowhere to hide for the cerebral assassin. Lately everyone is talking about Rob Van Dam in the WWE universe, well unfortunately for me he is out injured for a long time, but when he comes back I expect a nice feud straight away from him.

I’d love to make some new tag teams soon, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin are looking like a split, Benjamin may be going for the intercontinental Title held by Carly Colon, better known as Carlito Cool, who is off the back of an impressive feud with Christian.  Dolph Ziggler needs a fresh challenge having successfully defended his United States championship against Al Snow, but only heels seem to be available or workable as a new champ, maybe a face can cost him the title in the near future for a big feud?



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