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EWR – Road To Wrestlemania

So Kane is now officially feuding with John Cena for the World Title, a completely different score to the real WWE where he is somewhat sidelined and shelved jobbing to rookies. I will probably not give Kane a title run yet, Cena has at least one more feud left in him as champion. I usually tend to give a superstar a feud to win the title, a feud as champion then a feud to lose the title. Unless they are on a major push in which case they may have more or drop the title in order to keep them in feuds. 

I want to build Curtis Axel, Simon Diamond (who are feuding), Nick Dinsmore and Mike Sullivan up in in the next month, maybe have a makeshift Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania, obviously EWR is limited as I won’t be able to have a 6 man ladder match, I’m looking to get Dolph Ziggler some real opponents but it seems he may need to turn face in order to get many. Christian and Chris Benoit may be a feud going into wrestlemania, with Shelton Benjamin’s intercontinental title the reason. Tazz is set to feud with Benjamin or at least face him for it, I had the idea that a tournament would take place in which Tazz shocked the world by beating Orton in the final match thanks to help from someone like Edge or Kurt Angle. 

Given that Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero may finish their feud at Wrestlemania, Jericho likely the final victor, I need to look into his opponent, Tajiri seems the obvious choice but he had his chance vs Angle before he lost it to Jericho, Brock Lesnar could be the next best thing even though he originally lost it to Angle. Christian would make an excellent opponent from an rivalry point of view but he may not work as well.

Lastly I wanted to let people know that I have a lot of big talent coming into my game over the next year, who knows maybe some of my trainees may be thrown straight out there, some of my development stars and new additions to the active roster are already world class and could soon be pushing for main event and staying there for a long time!


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