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What’s going on?

So I have been a little lax in my blog posts recently, but I know this is a normal thing to go through as you blog. I am sure I have had many patches like this before. I just thought I’d update people on what I’m upto. 

Having hit a bit of a dip, my emotions tearing me a new one so to speak, trying to seek the counsel of various different people, trying to get myself back on track. getting idea after idea but not gaining any ground, I was told that I should do something, with my primary skill at the moment being writing, I can waffle on and on for ages, most of it is just dribble but sometimes something good comes out. So I am still trying to start that novel I keep thinking of doing, even if it just turns out to be a simple story, not some huge novel. 

I found myself reaching a blank, got some ideas, got some paragraphs of random prose, but nothing concrete, gotta start somewhere though right? I’m flooded with doubts about doing certain things, mainly due to my own fandoms I follow and not wanting to step on any toes, I don’t want to become fan fiction but I reckon I’d be hard pressed to avoid relating to the influences writers have had on me. I look at David Gemmell, JK Rowling and then at the Dr Who series as my main influences to get writing something unique. I have toyed with the idea of combining the three, A magical based main character, a wizard of sorts, that can travel through time and space, but is more of a gladiator type character or has some dark backstory. 

I feel I need to switch writing mediums as well as once I’m in front of a pc, the fire in my mind gets doused with water and the sparks go out, leaving me with nothing but a dazed look and plenty of time on my hands. So maybe a pad and pencil will better aid my search, which would also need a sturdy folder and my bedroom back. So a little effort today has put me on the right track but, obstacles must be removed, plans for tomorrow made. I think the time for flowing is gone, obsessive nature to flowing, to be redirected into a more structured and productive pattern. 

All in all though today has been good, morning phone call with a good friend, incidentally the catalyst to this writing, a trip out again advised by the catalyst, bumping into two of my old neighbours in the village, followed by some typing and this blog post, with a visitor arriving any minute now. Later some gaming and possibly a film, some good grub. No doubt I will read further into “The Deathly Hallows” which I am currently rereading. I really do wish she would continue the books, in the future, follow the kids story or go back to the last war with Voldemort, maybe with him as the main character, or a book with Severus Snape as the main character, or a younger Dumbledore.

So breakfast/lunch time, I’ll try not to make my next visit so far apart



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