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EWR UPDATE – Wrestlemania

Ok guys, so those who saw my previous post on my EWR game will remember John Cena was set to defend the world title against the royal rumble winner Kane, well I just finished Wrestlemania and wanted to run through the results. I am pleased tp announce we have a new World Heavyweight Champion in Kane, following his win at the Royal Rumble, Kane followed many before him to capture the title at Wrestlemania, he may not hold it for long but he at least carries on the tradition of victories we all know.

Wrestlemania kicked off with a strangely big match in the preshow, Triple H faced Undertaker, as the two had clashed in recent weeks, looking to establish themselves as contenders to the World title. Undertaker beat Triple H retaining his streak even in the preshow. Then Wrestlemania itself kicked off with a TLC tornado tag triple threat, Dudleyz victorious over a La Resistance and The Bashams, they retain the World Tag titles.

Your WWE Cruiserweight champion successfully defended his title against Nova, but how long can Chris Stylez hold that belt? Next up, a four way elimination battle for the United States championship. Rikishi, Booker T and Rhyno would challenge Chris Kanyon for it, with Rikishi surprisingly eliminating the current champ after Booker T was, leaving himself and Rhyno, left, your money had to be on Rhyno at this point, a lot more over than Rikishi and a truly skilled brawler but no, it was Rikishi’s night.

Big Show and The Rock would go at it next, they had been battling it out recently and Big Show stole a cheap win here to continue this feud, I think The Rock will want revenge for this and who knows maybe next PPV, the result might be a lot different. CM Punk and Hurricane would finish their rivalry in this next match with CM Punk ending the match clean, no shaking hands but clearly this rivalry is over, a must see finale. A new rivalry between Randy Orton and Edge has sparked and their first PPV against each other would be a bitter battle with Edge getting a small measure of retribution against Orton at Wrestlemania.

Now you already know Kane captured the World Title, so the last match, the maaaiiiin event, is our WWE title match. Eddie Guerrero against Chris Jericho. Jericho defending succesfully, heading into a new year title intact, could mean he faces many foes in the future, Tajiri, Rhyno, HBK, and Lesnar have all requested to step up to the challenge, lets not forget Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit either.

With this PPV ending comes a new year, RAW saw Goldberg return to the ring since his battle with William Regal ended to beat Rodney Mack, Test pinned the new US champ, Rikishi and Undertaker went 2 – 0 in 2 days against Triple H, that was the first half of RAW. Then RAW took a new format with more matches and less angles, CM Punk built on his Mania success by beating Kurt Angle, could it be the dawning of a new challenger to Jericho? Big Show helped Steve Austin beat The Rock, still waiting for revenge, The Rock am sure has plans and while Randy Orton was content to rip into Edge, Kane attacked John Cena after he beat Brock Lesnar,

The main event however saw HBK pin our WWE champion Chris Jericho, while am sure this would be a big draw as a feud, I feel a face vs face feud would not benefit the company right now, so expect someone to break this one up somehow in the next month or two.

So there ya have it guys, my EWR update, any thoughts, feel free to leave a comment, share it or like it if you want. more soon!


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