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EWR Update – Kane’s reign and more

So we left my EWR game with Kane capturing the WWE title from John Cena. Well at the next PPV with Cena swept aside in the build up, Undertaker,Steve Austin and Triple H stepped forward in a brutal four corners match, but Kane, the monster prevailed. Still champ and his reign of destruction continues, possibly Booker T or Undertaker to challenge him.

Backlash was an interesting PPV, the dark match was between Booker T and Test, possibly to give both the chance to up their game, Test was looking to challenge Rikishi for the US title and obviously Booker T would want to add another number to his tally of world titles. Booker T would inch closer on this occasion. One of the big matches was a new feud emerging between CM Punk and HBK Shawn Michaels, With CM Punk on a roll lately, it was a big surprise to see HBK come out on top.

Obviously a big part of PPV matches is gold and the Intercontinental Title was on the line with four people contesting it, the champion Tazz, was expected to have a short reign but would it be tonight? Yes, Lance Storm finally finsihed off Christian to capture the belt, the other losing contender was Curtis Axel. Three other titles were on the line with our new Cruiserweight champion, Nova defending successfully against Hurricane thanks to some interference from the hero’s rival at the time, Matt Hardy.Prior to that our WWE Tag Champions successfully defended their belts against La Resistance, surely the Disciples of Synn are gaining a strong following now as they build momentum. Lastly our egotistical fan favourite Chris Jericho would scrape a win in a triple threat match against Brock Lesnar and Tajiri.

That wasn’t all the action and the pick of it was still to come, with Randy Orton and Edge battling it out, Edge the victor on this occasion, we were treat to an amazing showdown between the technical genius of Chris Benoit and the evil escaped convict that is Nick Dinsmore. To those who follow the WWE, I have Eugene under this gimmick as it suits his special skills, menacing, think he is also capable of being a trainer but he is rocketing up in popularity.

You might have already worked this out, but I prefer a balanced roster, of brawlers and all round talent. I have plenty who can provide the high flying cruiserweight entertainment but can also technically pull out the stops, I want to support the best talent, like Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, but also the best Charismatic and Brawlers, such as newcomers to my roster Jonny C and Eli Cottonwood, with veterans like Rhyno being ideal opponents in the near future


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