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Living with Dyspraxia – Plodding on

Ok, so those who might have seen my previous posts, may know I was diagnosed with dyspraxia, lately I have been questioning it, my mum, some colleagues of hers and countless random people, seem to first jump to autism or aspergers, they always seem to notice I’m different. So I have been questioning the diagnoses, whether it is the only condition I have, I am on the borders of other conditions or I am just dyspraxic, I have looked at other conditions and yes can put some of my difficulties or traits down to other conditions, but recently I decided to become more knowledgeable about Dyspraxia.

My journey has started here, I think if anyone is living with Dyspraxia or is a parent with a child who might be living with the condition, then this site is a good place to start.

I noticed as I went through this list of possible difficulties, symptoms if you will of dyspraxia, a lot of what I thought were other conditions are actually also displayable in dyspraxia. I think I’m slightly disappointed in some ways because the support I could benefit from and potential DLA allowance that may not even be possible now, would be more attainable with other conditions. Money is not an issue for me, I’m very good with money, I think if I did get the extra funding it might be a doubled edged sword, great as I could save for things I wanted easier, I could use some of it to eat healthier and cook myself more instead of worrying about if I can eat cheap processed crap. It may also however lull me into a bad attitude, I mean if I could save for what I wanted, without working, through a little extra money, why would I be motivated to work? Yeah I may still wish to work and keep motivated by other means, but I’m sure most people would agree, money can be a big motivator for looking for work. If you want that new game, console or midi controller you need the money don’t ya!

My emotions are one of my key issues, I find I’m very frustrated and short tempered, this might not be solely the condition but the situation I’m living in too. I can often struggle to deal with people that say are similar to myself in that I am very aware that I do certain things so if someone does it and is not aware that can be wind me up. I mean if I notice someone is going around in circles repeating themselves, it winds me up once I’ve heard it a few times, but I’m also aware now and again, I can probably do this too.

Having now left this post to shower and come back I also notice if I break my flow on a task, I struggle to regain that focus, leading me to think that as many people say breaking it down into smaller chunks would need to be tweaked to suit my situation, maybe adding some structure, a list of mini tasks, to follow. Ideas also seem to be hard to focus on and reign in, racing thoughts, too many, unorganised inside my mind, if only I could reach in and add some filing cabinets and plastic wallets eh?

So I’m now at a little lost to continue with this, feel I should do something more productive, I’ll leave ya to ponder that and probably do more on dyspraxia soon.



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