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Dr Who games, What I’d like

Well people, it is almost time for our 50th anniversary special, I am pretty excited, I recently watched the two minisodes that go with it, I myself was not happy with the night of the doctor but I think it is missing some key point. I just can’t wait for the full special.

Anyway I didn’t want to talk about the special, I wanted to talk about the potential for a Dr Who game, I know we have some already and if I have missed one that fits this description, let me know.

I basically want something similar to either an xcom tactical type game, or an age of empires/lord of the rings battle for middle earth type. Basically I want to be able to play as daleks, cybermen, human or slitheen. Maybe have weeping angels and other aliens, Or a UNIT based organisation, where you fight all the different Dr Who Aliens. I would add though that it comparison to XCOM it should be easier for longer, allowing for you to develop a stronger team for later tougher missions, certain aliens may even be possible to ally with after defeating them or during fighting them, say for instance you are battling the Silurians, you reach a stale mate or they fear you are winning they might concede or you could offer to form an alliance. This could also be a way of unlocking a new species to play through as in say another campaign or another modem, like multiplayer.

Another special event would be that like on xcom, ufo sightings and battles with fighters may sometimes be replaced by The Doctor arriving in his blue box, you can open communications with him, see what the situation is, maybe he is tracking an alien or being followed. He may offer help or bring various gifts or messages from other alien races.

Adding a more open universe you could have diplomacy where, other alien races actively explore space and find you, asking for help, or sending gifts and such like. I would confirm it has to have the possibility of playing as other alien races, not just playing as humans. Be fun if we could build our alien empire and come conquer humans aswell!

Any thoughts?


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