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What I’d like Capaldi’s Doctor to be like etc

So with Christmas fast approaching my main excitement has got to be Dr Who, the new doctor is going to arrive, we say goodbye to the wonderful Matt Smith, thanks to him by the way, Matt was a great surprise. I never expected to like him, he was relatively unknown and I appreciated David Tennant’s theatre/classic acting background so was sceptical that he could impress, also he was really young. I am glad he got the role, his doctor was a lot of fun, he was at times dark, but mostly the typical mad man in a box. I am very sad to see him go so soon, but at least he didn’t do an Eccleston and leave soon as he could. Eccleston was my first doctor and I was gutted I couldn’t see more, this was recently confirmed as I watched all his episodes again.

So what do I want to see with our new doctor, Peter Capaldi. Well I recently started watching The Thick of It, the show itself isn’t really my thing, it does seem a laugh and I am only two episodes in, but I may need to give it time, I like Chris Addison and Peter is awesome. I think the main thing I noticed in the show was he seemed to have a deep dark stare, this I would love to see him use with his incarnation. I think the swearing would be excellent but the BBC probably won’t allow it. Now Capaldi has said he thinks he is too young for the role, this I think is daft, he is where the role should have stayed nobody under 45 should be the doctor, but that has been proven wrong as all of the first 3 modern era doctors were younger than that. I think a lot of people forget age when the actor pulls it out of the bag, especially like Matt Smith. Still some will remain unimpressed but you can’t please everyone.

So the new doctor, could be anything, with Capaldi at the helm, might we seem something old, something as a nod to a previous incarnation, I can’t wait to see the outfit he wears, if he sticks in the main to one, I’d quite like to see him have a liking for a sweet, or a particular food. Why not have him find an old jacket with a bag of jelly babies in it, maybe he’d discard the jacket based on the fact, what is done, is done. I just think the most interesting episodes are often where he is discovering his new self, getting his outfit together, it allows much more freedom and experimentation. Good luck to Peter Capaldi, the world is watching you, oh and please remember you are “The Doctor” not Doctor Who, its been bugging me all year people have been saying Doctor Who instead of The Doctor, even Colin Baker used the term and I was really disappointed because I have felt it was an american error, the show is not the character you play, the two are different. Well hopefully we can expect more greatness and another 50 amazing years of Doctor Who!


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