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New Year – looking forward . . .

Looking forward to the year ahead, I wish all my readers a happy new year and hope that we are all ready for what life is about to throw at us this year. I myself, am not sure if setting a new resolution is the way forward, I have plenty of ideas of what I would like to do this year, so I’ll leave it and hope for the best, try my best to achieve some of these goals or progress towards them as soon as I can.

I have been on a journey of discovery probably for nigh on 10 years really, I am no closer to knowing everything I want to know about myself, I have still learned a lot though. I think I hope to embrace the bitterness that has grown with me and grow from it, develop into a better human being.

In the heart of me there has never been anything but a good person, I think anyone who disagrees has not a clue who I am, I don’t claim even to know myself but this much I become more sure of every year.

I just want to add if people would like to follow my twitch streaming, I would really appreciate some company in my chat sometimes, I am called Noroch on there, I am currently working on getting the streams running smoother and having people test how smooth it is and report back is greatly appreciated, so far I have streamed Fifa 14 mainly, I am currently playing Warframe and may stream that among other titles this year.

Speaking of gaming, I am looking forward to an epic year for PS4. titles I am looking forward to are :

Watchdogs, Destiny, Dying Light, Infamous: Second Son, The Crew and the first next generation of WWE games from 2k.

My wallet is definitely going to struggle come march.

So gamers, any titles you think I should be looking forward to?

Once again, thanks for reading and Happy New Year! this is where to find my twitch stream, apparently it goes through


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