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Neglected but not forgotten . . .

I fear I have somewhat neglected my blog, so here I am procrastinating getting closer to sleep with another blog post, slightly if I’m honest out of guilt and a busy mind. 

So what is going on I hear you ask, to prompt such sudden desire to blog. Well lots of things. I’ll try to organise it as I go along. As I have yet to master that skill when it comes to tidying am not sure I’ll quite manage it, but we’ll see. I have been doing a lot of thinking, I’ve been a bit busier with a retail course, trying to find work and doing the usual gaming sessions. 

So thinking about what? Well, I was just watching Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure on DVD having previously needed something to read, then getting a phone call about a book I’d ordered arriving at the library, so stopping reading it and wanting to show it a friend of mine. By the way the book I am reading now I have it is The Singing, The Fourth and final book of pellinor by Alison Croggon(sp), well worth a read if you haven’t already, great series. 

So I’m thinking I haven’t wrote a blog in ages, I’ve been more busy than usual and I probably have a lot to say, so quite simple really. I have had enough outbursts of emotion, rants on things at my mate that I realised I used to share this with the world. So yeah, rant or outburst number one, no particular order on these, this happens to be the most recent, fresh in my memory.

EA Sports have been making fifa games for a long time. Technology has developed and am sure their team has evolved. I find myself, getting more and more frustrated with the seemingly unparalleled laziness of developers, who to be quite frank, have such a huge reputation to uphold its a wonder anyone buys their buggy, unfinished games. Yes, well aware of the irony, I bought Fifa 14 myself. I stream it aswell. which is what I was doing earlier when this rant happened. I walk my player into another, a collision occurs, great, thats what should happen, the graphics show it but not perfect, not much of an issue, but then after the AI do not keep possession, which has moved on and advantage was played, the referee blows for a free kick. I was no longer in control of this player, the collision happened as I switched players, was not intentional, I didn’t press tackle. I get booked. Why? I am well aware that tackling someone off the ball is a foul, collisions happen and referees often stop play to deal with injuries if this happens but surely this was not a foul. I merely collided, there was no intent, besides I cannot control if my player collides with another when I switch to another player, if I do not press tackle or any other action button, nothing should happen except movement, but it clearly did. How after so many years of development and many videos watched of hype, do we see such a shoddy, AI or physics error such as this? Am I wrong to think that a developer so highly placed as EA could not perfect such a clearly important part of the beautiful game? Before I end this rant two more additions that tie in with it, an injured AI striker, scored 4 goals against me in a match where all their players appeared to be unlimited in stamina and speed, where as I was struggling with a full team of slow knackered players, why? If you’re going to stipulate that time would dictate a rush to get the product as close to finished as possible, you cannot afford delays due to the nature of the release schedule and football season, then take a year off and release an update to the squads and kits alone, fix your bugs, we are not living in the dark ages of gaming anymore, although many retro gamers would argue a lot of titles would show some modern ones up with ease. EA and Fifa rant over, let’s move on.

I am mindful I may have gone on longer than I’d liked there, but if I’m thinking it and its flowing, I figured carry on. So what else has been winding me up this last few weeks. I am kicking myself as my birthday is coming up and although I am eager to get back in to work and currently on a voluntary programme with a local charity to help with this. I avoided travelling to the next town to do a course on employability, which I gather is a supposedly improved and slightly more intensive drawn out series of activities and advice on applying for jobs than the various other similar courses I have done in the past. I will find out starting tomorrow. Mainly so that I could do the less tasking one, which was situated, in my own town, with a much more respectable 20mins each way travelling time. Not the previously proposed 45mins each way. I figured win win, but no, as a result of picking the closer, easier option of the two, I am now forced to make the effort to turn in to this course, the day after my birthday. Birthday night out somewhat ruined. Though my mate is saying fuck it, just go in hungover, another says ring in sick, I’m still undecided but figure I’ll probably have to party hard at the weekend as my birthday is going to be mostly spent on another course, which I was told today is health and safety, oh dear, hopefully the trainer’s comment about getting done by lunch, won’t be that far off the truth and I can enjoy a little more of it than I am looking at right now. 


So yeah just two little rants down, scratching my head for more, there was definitely more, struggling to find it but I do have some littlle tidbits to share just for fun. I have recently thanks to a friend acquired a new game, known as Distant Worlds, including some expansions and updates. I must admit I do not understand the genre of this game, it says 4x, I had it down as strategy, which I think is also true, but it is a space strategy, where you colonize planets, explore the galaxy you set up, fight with other alien races, it has a lot of micro management and detailed bits and pieces. I’d urge anyone to try it at least, see for yourself. The only thing I will say is the tutorial isn’t what I’d call a tutorial, more an interactive manual, it is worth going through but you might prefer to find a good let’s play on youtube. I am eager to delve deeper into it, currently running a small galaxy, doing well, but trying to complete a game of it before I fully judge it. Also a new city building type game I tried recently is Banished, another one to check out if you didn’t know about it.

Anyway bed is calling me, any thoughts or responses, please do not hesitate to comment, I get rather bored of the stream of SEO spam I get concerning my blog. 



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