Allsorts of Stuff

Trust me . . .

I told you I would be with you one day, rule number one, the doctor lies.

It isn’t that simple, which lie is closer to the truth.

I tell you so many, that could be true or maybe I am playing games trying everything to find the truth

I can take much from what I watch and read, would it get me closer to you

Will someone else give me the key to the making that beginning a lie, another escape from myself.

Every now and again I feel someone try that door, only to have me answer then walk away

Its like if it isn’t you, I ain’t opening up.

You know me better than most, sometimes maybe better than myself, maybe that’s why you won’t give in to me

I am still learning, trust me on that.

Deep down I’m every bit like the doctor

Smart, funny, crazy, weird, bitter, old, young and sad.

I may not have the blue box, I do not uphold the laws of time

but I am definitely a mad man and all of those above all.


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