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Wrestlemania 2014 – EWR who got their moment . . ,

So its been a while since I talked EWR, bare with while I load up the game and bring up my match card, its been a while since I did that card and I want to do this right. 

So my Wrestlemania card started in 2014, with a pre-show battle between Big E Langston and Sheamus, now this match went the Big E’s way but only because Ryback who had just started to feud with Sheamus interfered. Then we had a brutal 4 Way battle for the Intercontinental title currently held by Curtis Axel, he failed to hold onto the gold, being beaten by Matt Hardy, Zack Ryder and Drew McIntyre were the others involved. Next we saw the end of a distinguished battle of brute force and cunning, when the US title was decided and Cody Rhodes emerged victorious against Matt Morgan, a new signing for the WWE who was given this opportunity and probably was not the greatest move I made. Still we move on, Dolph Ziggler and Jerry Lynn were at loggerheads in the build up to Wrestlemania and so would meet in our next match. I had Dolph come out on top, as I hope he will be a future World champ soon. 

I look next at the tag team title picture, The Uso’s finally get to wrest the titles from the grip of The Shield, newly led by none other than Steve Austin, more on him later. I feel this is how The Uso’s should have won the belts in real wrestling but I did the universe justice I think here. Following that another epic rivalry must come to an end, X-Pac is a very expensive superstar to book for what he is and so he had to lose to RVD at Wrestlemania, leaving RVD to move on, while X-Pac may job a few matches before I get rid. 

We now get to our main event matches, obviously a big thing in WWE today is The Streak. The Undertaker has such an impressive record, it seems daft not to have him do it in my own universe, so I thought who better than Steve Austin, the new leader of The Shield, yeah I put him as a heel because I had so much more talent at that level as face, then had Undertaker build up with matches against Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and pulling promos and interviews, I had Austin lose at Mania as it may help The Shield, split in the future, or have someone else from it face Taker. 

Now the two title matches, Jeff Jarrett had not only beaten our MITB winner Dolph and stole his opportunity from him, he was our Royal Rumble winner, he chose to use both to guarantee a one on one match with Christian who got lucky in the build up to Wrestlemania and won the title from Alberto Del Rio. Alberto was hence the cause of Christian losing his title here. This means that Christian and Del Rio will face in a final match soon after Wrestlemania. It was touch and go for that scenario though, I knew Jericho would work well with Jarrett but I stuck with Orton getting his last shot at the title for a while and had Chris Jericho retain the WWE title on the grandest stage of them all.

Overall 87% was my rating, I don’t get much higher than that often, I plan to have Jarrett drop the title not long after picking it up, Jericho may soon drop his to Punk also, Rhodes may even drop his to someone fresher, but I think The Uso’s are safe for a while. Real Americans will be their first test.

Yes, some might say a poor line up, no Cena, no Bryan, no Punk, but still it did well. The best match was Ziggler vs Jerry Lynn and the worst was the Intercontinental Title match. 

Any thoughts, feel free to commment, thanks for reading!


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