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Looking positive!

I have been aware that my entire blog history has seemed rather bleak, creative but bleak, I am finally hopeful that a corner is being turned in life. I have recently got my foot in the door to a possible job, I am pretty nervous I’ll somehow get screwed over or fuck it up myself, but deep down am looking forward to it. A new start, earning some money and hopefully, getting closer to enjoying life more. I am a bit uneasy about the prospect of my gaming time being dramatically reduced so suddenly, but I think it will give me a chance to appreciate the limited gaming time I have more and look towards other aspects of my life in a different way.

One thing I am grateful for this chance, it will give me an opportunity to look into my eating habits, I am a big fan of vegetables, fruit, most healthy food I’ll happily eat, however the dole queue does not really equate to a healthy diet. Yeah vegetables are cheap enough but if you want to have healthy and quick meals. You need the funds really. I often find it easier and cheaper to eat pasta in a cup type stuff, than fork out and make a pasta bake every week. Hopefully it will encourage me to make something I can eat for a few nights, cook one night or on a weekend and store to eat say monday tuesday or thursday, friday. I must say food is expensive at times. I remember when a pack bourbons was 26p, its now no less 60p usually.

Aside from the daunting prospect of meeting a host of new people and fumbling through social interactions once again, I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine. I sleep at stupid o’clock til like lunch time and have been stuck in this habit for a long time. I am hoping that after a short time I will feel able to go to bed at a more reasonable hour, wind down a lot easier, I may need to invest another bookcase before long as with the increase in funds, I expect to get a few more books to add to my collection. Reading before bed, will be pretty important I think. More stand up DVDs too, I find I always want more comedy, bringing me nicely on to my latest good news.

I have booked tickets to go see my favourite comedian, Ross Noble. The wacky wonderful geordie, has been a favourite of mine since his appearance on Live at The Apollo many years ago. I think I have all of his stand up DVDs, watched his appearances on many panel shows and his own show on DAVE, but never have I been to see him live, you cannot beat a bit of Ross Noble. Glad to be finally supporting him by going to see him live. Probably the only comedian thus far I have all his stand ups legally, cough cough haha!

This also means a mixture of good and bad things for my twitch channel alwaysmutetheweirdo. I will of course be a lot more limited on when I can stream, this for most who have followed will not mean a great difference, but it means I have to stick in the main to weekend content. I have thought about it and work comes first of course, so I am somewhat keen to hold off on midweek streams, in favour of a possible weekend stream. I will of course be gaining in the near future, better internet. I have plans to look into Virgin, as they provide TV, Broadband and Phone, which would be ideal, as you save money. I am currently with TalkTalk who for all the effort, under the AOL banner with myself as it might be, suck. I figured once I confirmed this job is safe for a while, I can look at my funds, see how much I can spend. Hopefully the increase in speeds for upload and download will mean when I stream, it is a high quality, giving me more chance to bring in some new fans. I am of course looking into other options, new monitor for dual monitor support, new headset for all devices, possibly a PS Vita and much further down the line possibly an XBOXONE, still somewhat on the fence for that, but I don’t want to miss exclusives if I can afford it, why not?

So all in all, things are looking up, the only thing that is a little lacking, is a love life, but even that is no big deal for me right now. I always have my eye on someone, maybe now I can forget where I am looking and enjoy my own life. I have for far too long cared a lot more for others than myself. If I don’t look after me, who else is going to?


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