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Game of Thrones – Ascent – initial thoughts

Ok, so I recently watched 3 seasons of Game of Thrones, I’m waiting for the fourth to finish before I watch it, but I found this awesome game on facebook and am currently testing it out, I am noticing the usual facebook game, problems, none of my friends are that into playing these sorts of games, so I’m left slogging out, one person I know plays it seemingly, the others listed have tried it. I want another recruit, but can’t because I need gold to get one worth having, there is no way of gaining this gold that i am aware of except spending money, its all the rage with facebook games, makes me glad the main game i play on android is free unless u want to buy stuff, seemingly like this but it is a lot harder to do stuff in this. I would love some more game of thrones buddies, but the dilemma of do I add randoms again for a game, or slug it out without them. So I figured I’d blog about it, if anyone is into Thrones and hasn’t played Ascent but is on my friends list, feel free to try it, its coming to android someday if that helps. I am waiting for that too, still on fb when i can be though and would help anyone who asks or requests in game. Also if anyone who follows my blog wants to comment and maybe we can sort out helping each other somehow 🙂 


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